Genesis 6:4
 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.

Is he what is meant by 'and also afterward'?

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MARSHALLovercloth said...

I thought the great flood was to wipe out the population on Earth, except for those who had pure DNA.
ancient history is not detailed specific.
"sons of gods" being a mixed DNA of Sasquatch type humanoid and Neanderthal man.
a bread of strong slaves to mine gold for the Annunaki.
the Annunaki might be from other planets and would had the technology to produce creatures using DNA and incubation pods.
the flood would not have had to completely cover the Earth but disrupt everything killing most of the plants and animals causing disease and starvation, killing off most of the giants who were stupid and required lots of food. so they died out.