Robert Gibson from the Rock n' Roll Express

Tracy Smothers


Yesterday Brooke & I had the surreal experience of visiting the home of  famous wrestler Adrian Street. I purchased some memorabilia from him and got to see his original paintings. Him and his wife Linda are very creative people and very nice. The photo of me with them is taken in the room where they make all of their custom wrestling outfits which are sold all over the world. They made the ring wear for Mickey Rourke in the movie The Wrestler and also the new GLOW series on Netflix. Even though Adrian's character was extremely theatrical and over the top, he was a legitimate wrestler and a one of a kind performer. He even demonstrated a few wrestling moves on me while i was there! My neck is still hurting from the headlock/neck crank. OUCH. It was a real privilege to spend some time with my favorite pro-wrestler ever.


Music & Lyrics by: Mustaine

"Attention! Attention!! All citizens are ordered to report to their
District detention centers! Do not return to your homes; do not
contact anyone! Do not use any cellular or GPS devices!
Surrender all weapons at once! Attention! This way to the camps!"

I woke up in a black FEMA box
Darkness was all around me, in my coffin
My dreams are all nightmares anymore
And this is what I dream every night

The Leader of the New World Order, the President of the United States
Has declared anyone now residing inside the US of A
Without the RFID chip, you're just an illegal alien
An enemy combatant of America, welcome to the New World Order

This is the end of the road; this is the end of the line
This is the end of your life; this is the . . .

A society in a society, inside the fence life as you know it stops
They got their rules of conduct and we got ours
Be quick or be dead, you crumble up and die, the clock is
Ticking so slowly and so much can happen in an hour

This is the end of the road; this is the end of the line
This is the end of your life; this is the endgame

I learned my lessons the hard way, every scar I earned
I had to bleed, inside the day yard
A system of controlled movement, like a giant ant farm
Any time is long time, now you're not in charge of your time anymore

This is the end of the road; this is the end of the line
This is the end of your life; this is the end

The Ex-President signed a secret bill that can
Land a legal US Citizen in jail and the
Patriot act stripped away our constitutional rights
They say a Concentration camp just popped up, yeah, right!

Refuse the chip? Ha! Get persecute and beat by the
Tyranny of Mind control, for the mark of the beast
All rights removed, you're punished, captured, and enslaved
Believe me when I say, "This IS the Endgame!"

Behold a Pale Horse
William Cooper
Trader Vic's in Atlanta