Pensacon Today

With Nita Strauss - current guitarist for Alice Cooper

With Exotic Adrian Street and Miss Linda
I watched him wrestle in the 80s for Continental Championship Wrestling it was the best.

Ric Flair!

With Mick Foley

My son Kalyx with a nice version of Master Chief from Halo



Concert Report - Udo Dirkshneider, Tampa Florida 1-30-17



Udo Dirkshneider at The Orpheum 
Tampa Florida
January 30 2017


1 Starlight
2 Living For Tonite
3 Flash Rockin' Man
4 London Leatherboys
5 Midnight Mover
6 Breaker
7 Head Over Heels
8 Neon Night
9 Princess Of The Dawn
10 Winterdreams
11 Restless And Wild
12 Son Of A Bitch
13 Up To The Limit
14 Wrong Is Right
15 Midnight Highway
16 Screaming For A Love-Bite
17 Monsterman
18 T.V. War
19 Losers And Winners
20 Metal Heart
21 I'm A Rebel
22 Fast As A Shark
23 Balls To The Wall
24 Burning