Wichita Falls

The old HD dealer in Wichita Falls, Texas. Now of course its just a massive cookie-cutter chain store.


from Street Chopper 1979

From 1968.
Go ahead and listen, your day will just get that much better...

Dirty Dozen MC - Black Powder

from the club archives.


K Model Chopper

From '72.

Original '52 ad.

'72 BMW

In Death Valley 1975.


'75 Sportster

'75 Sportster wheelie...


El Vendimia

More Bike Week goodness from 1972.


...and this is how a living room should look.

Happy Thanksgiving


The Confederate Harley-Davidsons

In 1977 AMF Harley came out with the 'confederate editions' banking in no doubt on the widespread use of the 'rebel' flag from fans of racing, southern rock and so on. Production numbers were low – reported to be 44 FLH motorcycles, 228 Super Glides, 299 Sportster XLs, 45 Sportster XLCHs, and 15 Sportster XLTs Supposedly HD quickly bought back the bikes that were shipped to dealers and repainted them. There aren't many accounted for these days and its a shame that HD apparently got nervous about the 'PC Police' because I would've loved to have one!
This is an ad for the then upcoming 'confederate series' that supposedly never went to publication.
From April '77 issue of Choppers magazine. Notice the snow covering these bikes.

U.S. Blues

Grateful Dead comix.




Another of Brooke's father's builds. This is one of his friends who bought the bike and is now about to head to California from Florida, map in hand. (circa 72-73)


1971 FX

1980 Lowrider.


Yet another Sportster. I love this bike, very tasteful, plus that dude has one of those 'gladiator' helmets. Photo from '72


Band of Horses

Thanks Luke for the heads up on this one. Band of Horses video is an homage to 70's b-biker movies...along with some crazy choreographed dancing.

1970 Triumph Daytona



Perfect Truimph
Florida sun.


One of those rare songs that will not die.


Dad & Superglide.


LP Cover

The songs on this one don't really fit the cover image...i somehow doubt she's listening to Burt Bacharach.

It started out so innocently...


Love This

The 13 year old kid was told he could not fly the American flag on his bicycle by his California school. Talk about a PR nightmare, citizens made sure this BS didn't go unnoticed. I love how a lot of the veteran's bike clubs paraded the kid to school the next day, all flying huge flags from their bikes of course.

Rare Patch

Extremely rare HD ''pegasus patch''.  Originally out around late 70's to early 80's I believe. Originals sell now for $300-700...


Some suits checking out ''those crazy machines''


Take Me Home Country Roads

I bought this old John Denver album today, and this picture of John on a Kawasaki enduro was on the inside. (i might get made fun of for listening to JD, im not sure) Cool picture I thought!

Shiny Sportster

Daytona 1972.


Thank You Veterans

The Hells Angels show support for the American troops October 29, 1967 in Wakefield, Massachusetts.



Paint by David Uhl. website.