Death Dealer

Im a big Frank Frazetta fan so im in awe of this Death Dealer statue the army has put in place at Ft. Hood.


Dex said...

I was a government contractor in charge of the graphics department at Ft. Hood, when the first of the three Phantom Warrior statues arrived (this one is in III Corps headquarters, the bronze was installed at the grounds in front of headquarters, and a 1/8 standard travels with the commanding general).
They had to assemble the finished fiberglass parts on site and then position it in front of the partition wall. Two things about the base of the foundation - 1. It has the "666" just like in the Frank Frazetta painting! 2. behind the statue at the base is the logos of the companies that contributed in some fashion to the original death dealer or as III Corps calls it, the Phantom Warrior. One of the logos seen is from Top Cow Comics!
Finally, Frank was too sick to attend the event (he would soon pass not long afterward), but I got a chance to meet his oldest son, during the ceremony. That guy was frickin sleazy. Not long after his dad's death, he was arrested for trying to steal some of his dad's artwork by pile driving a bulldozer through a building unsuccessfully.

Anonymous said...

You would think he would wait until the reading of the will because he probably inherited some of those paintings he stole.