Watch this documentary


MARSHALLovercloth said...

I'm at this point in the video 21:20 "how can you resist it?...".
I don't know how deep in thought I should be watching this documentary but
a lot of thoughts and realizations are in my head so far. phycological stuff and
thinking about how things change over time, mind sets and life of the past compared to today.
and the what have you. also looking at the house and objects.
sometimes I over analyze and miss the point at the same time. I just want to see Slingshot Cops before I die of extra old age.

American Wind said...

there is a sort of inconsistency about their lives that is mind boggling - 'little' edie used to date joe kennedy for example now she is sitting in cat crap and eating Vienna sausage or something out of a can. 'big' edie's painted portrait of a Victorian like high society lady might as well be a completely different person to the old woman laying next to it who is being eaten alive by fleas and laughing as cats use the portrait as a litter box.

American Wind said...

as far as slingshot cops, just call matt on the phone, he will broker a deal.
seriously, ive called him before.