MARSHALLovercloth said...

the Kavaki looks vintage nice. I need one right this instant. I want to paint mine metal flake dark orange-brown mostly brown in color and fairly dark.
this Kavaki is a twin cylinder!!! the motor, carb, header pipes and electrics would be GREAT to use in my 1974 Yamaha MX125. I would make it work. as long as I had the freakin' header pipes I could make the rest of the pipes and add vintage....that's enough details, I'm not gonna write a multi page magazine article about it in your comments section. slingshot cops, lol.

MARSHALLovercloth said...

oooops... the image is in reverse and I assUme it was a twin but I guess not.
I still like the bike though.

American Wind said...

we need to do a 'cross country on kavaki' itll be like that movie 'cycles south'