I'm loving watching these old Hot Seat shows which i discovered when i saw the cinematic masterpiece called 'Grunt! The Wrestling Movie' - Wally George is so ridiculously wrong on so many topics that its ridiculous. But he's awesome, he should've been in wrestling as a manager or valet or something.


MARSHALLovercloth said...

Wally George had great hair. never heard of him before I saw Grunt! The wrestling Movie the other night.
he's like the new retro American Hero. I am a fan now, better late than never.

American Wind said...

its kind of bizarre to me that this ever existed - he's like a parody of a conservative. the guests seem planted and most likely actors, its very pro wrestling oriented to me. of course thats why i like it so much its a mix of vaudeville, carnival barker, pro wrestling and 'b-movie like' conservative talk show host stereotype. its very fitting that the scene from Grunt is exactly how his real show operated, it fit right in. the crowd is in a constant state of hype, rage and frenzy! im blown away that this actually ran in california. hopefully youtube won't delete these for not conforming to the new PC standard. or maybe it was all a psy-op.

MARSHALLovercloth said...

he comes off as an actor playing a character but also at the same time sincere. like a TELevangelist that puts on a act yet at the same time believes in his own persona. and that's great, not a bad thing.