i hope they don't mess this up - blade runner is one of my favorite movies.


MARSHALLovercloth said...

one of the most irritating things in modern movies, TV, commercials and the what have you, is the constant generic sound effects. constantly hearing the sounds of metal like a sword being drawn from a metal sheath. the stupid metal swooshing sound. then the BAM sound like a sack of potatoes slamming the floor as if it was dropped from 200 feet above. that stupid echo booming sound. then the music is always "epic". like every sentence spoken has the EPIC build up with the loud drums and dramatic build up. STUPID movie makers.

they follow a generic movie making formula that SUCKS. even the lighting styles are predictable. no one has any artistic creativity anymore. movies are made for 15 year olds.
this new movie is going to fallow the same stupid modern formulas.

American Wind said...

you are entirely correct, i have described this same obnoxious trait in movies (especially in movie previews) many times. modern movies are almost exclusively garbage. i havent even felt a desire to see the new star wars.

MOTOR HILL said...

I hope, too.