MARSHALLovercloth said...

I want to watch Late Night Movie on that TV in that living room by the dim light from the end table lamp while eating leftover meatloaf and fruit cocktail. get up to go pee during the messages realizing someone put a lot of rum in that fruit cocktail. almost fell down. back then you didn't go outside for a smoke, there's ashtrays in every room, nobody gave a crap about the cig tar collecting on everything. can't be opening the door to go outside to smoke letting all the heat out. after the fruit salad rum and a Quaalude
who can get up to smoke out on the patio anyway for the love of mercy.

American Wind said...

days of our lives at 12 pm along with lunch - percy faith christmas album afterwards, lawrence welk at 6 pm, pro wrestling at 7 pm with marshmallow circus peanuts and candy orange slice wedges