Concert Report - Anthrax & Death Angel in Destin, Florida Sept. 29 2016

                                                                  DEATH ANGEL


1. The Ultra-Violence (intro)
2. Evil Priest
3. 3rd Floor
4. Claws in So Deep
5. Fallen
6. Father of Lies
7. Lost
8. The Moth 

Myself and Ted Aguilar of Death Angel


I failed to get any good photos during the Anthrax set because i moved towards the back of the venue and only had my phone and not a good camera to take shots from that distance.

some of this is from memory and not in order played

1. Impaled/You Gotta Believe
2. Monster at the End
3. Fight em till you Can't
4. Breathing Lightning
5. Caught in a Mosh
6. Got the Time
7. Medusa
8. N.F.L.
9. Be All End All
10. Antisocial 
11. Madhouse
12. Indians

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