The Sacrificed - '2012'
prophecies now multiply - the truth determined to defy
countdown to the end of the earth - or to some great spiritual
rebirth (awakening)
nibiru to materialize and atlantis from the depths to rise

or some ridiculous fiction
like the world being saved by ufo aliens
could be 'the grays' or the annunaki
if after all we're merely hybrid beings
created from extraterrestrial genes
containers for reincarnating

December twenty first two thousand and twelve
Two thousand and twelve
Jesus warned about false prophets and their evil schemes
Nostradamus quatrains - Bible code matrices

nuclear war as the planets align
a polar shift as the mother ship arrives
the mayan calendar reaches its end
as a comet slams the world into extinction

Oh it’s so plain to see – we’re just searching for some way-
To give our lives some meaning
Intrigued and mystified with the unknown
We want life to matter more to us than mere flesh and bone
We have eternal souls and Jesus is the key
The only pathway to immortality


MARSHALLovercloth said...

great vocals, especially when he sings the word extinction

American Wind said...