Anonymous said...

i can't seem to spy anything subtle, so i guess i'm gonna have to go for the obvious... Damn The Torpedoes!

although... i think i just might see The Knack again

American Wind said...

what stands out to me every time is that prince album on the table right in front of that tom petty you mentioned - one of the most awkward album covers - also doesnt this store know youre not supposed to lay records flat?

Anonymous said...

yeah i saw the Prince album... i didn't mention it as i was unsure what his name is/was/will be :)

i see the Outlaws "Hurry Sundown" too... one of my favorite albums ever!

and if i'm not mistaken, that tall stack one row over and two up is "Get The Knack" hahaha

yeah, laying them flat is deffo a no-no... looks like a bulk stock display... i just can't get over that there's 18 plus aisles of albums... those were the days!!!

great pics man!... your blog rocks!