This is awesome. Here is the information from youtube:

If you are looking for that classic supermarket jingle then look no further. Sounds For The Supermarket was the title of a tape cassette produced by a Minnesota based Communications company in 1975. It was available by mail purchase to supermarket venders in the US and Canada. The music contains inaudible subliminal recordings that were intended to increase buyer purchasing at grocery stores. Customers were influenced to purchase more products as a result of the brain-wave patterns hidden in the musical notes and sound compositions. Different subliminal tapes were also sold for purposes of advertising and social programming and all contained the title "Sounds For The. . . ." Iv'e held on to this for about 25 years. Musically the sounds are typical easy listening or elevator music. There is no information about the company nor the musicians anywhere that I could find. The label/information has peeled away with time. Each side of the tape had ten songs. All 20 songs are recorded here as 16 separate videos with two tracks bundled together on four of them. Songs 4 and 1 are very classic 70s easy listening.

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MARSHALLovercloth said...

that last song subliminally told me to drink a whole bottle of Dextromethorphan cough syrup,
right there in the middle of the medicines isle,
then walk like I was wearing snow skis, sliding my feet in vare sock, over to the butcher counter and buy some chicken livers.