Concert Report

We're back from our Alice Cooper concert - what a fantastic and fun concert!!


Hello Hooray  (Judy Collins cover)
House of Fire 
No More Mr. Nice Guy 
Under My Wheels 
I'll Bite Your Face Off 
Billion Dollar Babies 
Lost in America 
Hey Stoopid 
Dirty Diamonds 
Welcome to My Nightmare 
Go to Hell 
Wicked Young Man 
Feed My Frankenstein 
Ballad of Dwight Fry 
I Love the Dead 
Break On Through (to the Other Side) 
(The Doors cover)
(The Beatles cover)
Foxy Lady 
(The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
My Generation 
(The Who cover)
I'm Eighteen 

School's Out 

Feed my Frankenstien

A few notable guitars from the Orlando Hard Rock

Lita's Warlock

Trying out Ibanez Iceman at George's Music in Orlando 


MARSHALLovercloth said...

Lita's Warlock looks great

Thomas Osburn said...

Saw Alice for the 3rd time last year when he was in town. He puts on a great show! Almost went this year, but had some conflict that prevented me from going. Great photos.

American Wind said...

hi thomas - i agree, his show is top notch - i know hes performing the same show every night, but alice and the band pull it off like theyre not tired of the songs. the stage theatrics made it really fun.

Unknown said...

those Iceman aren't so great to play live - pretty top heavy - I have one.

American Wind said...

i love the look of the iceman - but havent ever played one for any length of time - i own a bc rich mockingbird and it actually seemed to be heavier than that iceman though