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MARSHALLovercloth said...

that's a great commercial.
the jingle she sings was powerful.
what I mean by powerful is, it is memorizable and you would sing it in your head without it becoming to annoying.
I remember it that way as a boy.
and the movement and feel of the graphics at the end look wonderful.
fast food was better quality back then, I think the meat, bread and veggies and the frying oil were richer and more natural than the corn syrups, GMO veggies and oils and the cows were raised with better feed and less manipulated from greed.
those were more substantial times, things now are cheap washed out and cold.
we need a revival and return to character and soul.
if I was the Burger King I would run the old commercials for a year and demand the food go back to quality, no matter the cost.
all or bust.